Thursday, September 20, 2012

hard days

We're working out some kinks in this "raising three kids" business, especially during the days when Daddy is at work and Mama's at it alone. The boys seem to have gotten louder since Annie was born, the decibel level raising as is the attention they seek. There are (many) moments when all three are crying at once. Henry wants to be held, they both refuse to share, and Joe just screams - looks at me and yells for things I can't even understand.

But Annie is his medicine. As he begins to shout, I will ask him if he wants to hold Annie and, yes, he does. And he softens. He changes. I can see his body relax and his soul calm. And she is content, feeling loved and secure in his little arms. When he is done, I take Annie back and he goes on to play. And maybe in just ten minutes the yelling will start again and in just ten minutes I will need to ask him again if he wants to hold his little sister, but we'll take it. We'll find what works and use it. We'll figure all this out as it goes along.

And even on the hardest days, especially on the hardest days, we'll just hold on.

(Um, yes, they are watching tv. But cuddling is still cuddling, not matter how it happens.)


Lizzie said...

Better late than never - I've been totally out of the loop for the last few months! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and much love for the hard days. Keep going - I know you're doing an amazing job and I love your example of how to distract Joe. What could be better than a cuddle with little sis?! xxx

Anonymous said...

You are an awesome mom - Sandy