Sunday, May 27, 2012


We did not end up planting kiwis or bananas. Joseph still helped, nonetheless.

and here it is...

A lot of planning, a lot of digging, a lot of hauling, a LOT of dirt... and we finally have our garden and backyard complete. Yeehaw. Now we sit back and watch the birds eat it up it grow.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012

dear bonnie and carrie

Thank you for the ice cream. Just wanted to let you know it was delicious and we, of course, went to bed willingly and on time and were not hyper at all.

Also, our moms say they had a great visit and wish it could be more often. You are funny and kind and lovely people and are also proof that being cousins is awesome.

We love you.

Joe, Henry, Lily, Jonah, and Gabriel

Friday, May 18, 2012

go daddy's team!

So not only does he dig dirt, he plays volleyball. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow, David's playing in the 2012 Canadian Open Volleyball Championships. This is really the first time I have seen him play at this level, and though I know diddly much about volleyball, I'll offer the commentary that he's awesome and strong and can jump really high. And it's fun for Joe and Henry to see Daddy on a team. We'd love to go watch Daddy play volleyball every day... his body might argue otherwise.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

slowly but surely

We're getting there. It's Day 4 of having a giant pile of dirt in our driveway. Every day, whenever possible, David is outside digging out the clay and discovering gigantic tree roots (ie. more digging) in the space that is to be our garden. He has filled an entire bin with all the clay he has dug out... but finally we are able to start putting the good dirt in. We have been really lucky with good neighbours, who have come over to lend a hand, David's dad, who has been here almost every day, and, of course, our two hard-working boys. Joe is very eager to get out there every day and "get new dirt!" and Henry... has good intentions (he picks up handfuls of new dirt already in the garden, loads it into his wagon, and takes it back to the pile in the driveway... perhaps quality control?).

Thank God for these hard-working Kantor men.

practice baby

Thanks, Tante Cheese, for the very nice visit, the iPad lessons, and letting us practice being awesome big brothers on your baby. Emilie is very sweet and awfully patient. 

Joe and Henry

Saturday, May 12, 2012

correction. this was the

Today we put our work boots/crocs on and started work on the garden. And the best part about it... the big red dump truck that left a mountain of dirt on the driveway. I haven't seen Joe and Henry since. 

Actually... the best part about it for me was seeing that last picture... Joe and Henry sat down to watch Daddy dig out the sod. Joe was a bit scared of the loud noise and kept his arm around Henry to "protect him" (which I think really means to reassure himself).

There is still a tonne of work ahead. Literally. Does that much dirt weigh a tonne? Probably not, but it is still all sitting there in our driveway, waiting to fill up our garden. But the ground is pretty much all clay and that takes a while to dig out, even with Joe and Henry cheering on Daddy. We'll keep at it tomorrow.

Friday, May 11, 2012

ta da

It's finally finished - a quilt I started over a year ago when we still lived in our townhouse and these colours matched our living room. Still, no matter where this ends up, I'm glad to have made it... it was good for practicing a lot of things (and realizing I need a lot more practice for a lot of things). It's about twin size and wraps around my shoulders nicely for sick days (I practiced coughing and saying, "oh, I'm sick" and it worked perfectly). 

And... hi, Sharon Lathrop. Thanks for sending pictures of quilts you have finished/are working on. I am grateful to share this fun pastime with you and think that, if we didn't live on opposite sides of the continent, we would have many fun crafternoons. Even though you were David's friend first and, um, we have not actually met in person, I talk to David about "my friend, Sharon... you know - crafty Sharon" and how we should really invite your family over for supper sometime. So, you know, whenever you are free, stop on by. And bring your sewing machine.

26 weeks

Thursday, May 10, 2012

down and out

This one had a fever today. It turned Happy Henry into Very, Very Sad Henry. Most of the day was spent ignoring chores and cuddling Henry. But, poor Joe, he didn't have a very exciting day today because Mommy's arms were too full with Henry to work on any projects. I'm not sure how to balance this, but hopefully I made up for it (a little) with extra bedtime stories for Joe. 

it's official

Now - for sure - we know we are a family, all because we had pictures taken for our parish directory. But I only share this one because these two people are cuties. Our actual family picture -the one that will be published in the directory and all the people of St. Matthew will see and know us by - blech. Both David and I are horrified that that is how we look to other people.

But these guys - look how well they clean up.

Maybe... the parish directory could use this photo and list the parents as absent. Right. Absentee parents. That's somehow better than looking goofy in a photo.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

measure twice

We're getting ready for Saturday... boys are measuring out the garden, David is renting a big sod-cutter-outer machine, and a big load of dirt will soon be emptied into our driveway. We're really looking forward to having a big garden in our backyard and Joe is planning what we will grow:
1. corn
2. broccoli
3. carrots
4. rocks
5. kiwis
6. bananas
7. red peppers

The landscaping of our backyard is a work in progress... I didn't take any 'before' photos because, one day, I just started digging and have since gotten carried away. But I will happily share the 'after' photos... so glad to have this space!