Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

night time

It doesn't always look like this but, goodness, it's so nice when it does.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

places to sleep

All snuggled up in bed?

Nope. They're at the foot of mommy and daddy's bed. Sometimes Henry and Joe like to play "naptime." It is an awesome game.

And we might be getting ahead of ourselves here but... I was vacuuming and one thing led to another... and I set up Henry's new bed in the green room (now Joe's room but what will be his and Henry's room when the baby takes over the blue room). Right now this is a work in progress to get all their clothes and books and toys organized together, but Joe seems pretty excited by this idea and Henry likes to crawl up on his bed to look at books. We are nowhere near transferring Henry to his new bed but, for now, it's a really fun place to jump.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"your baby is really active"

Hmmm... I've heard that somewhere before. Oh, I know. In my ultrasounds with Joe and Henry.

Time to think of a boy name.

(disclaimer: no one actually said, "It's a boy." But, by now, I think "active" is synonymous.)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dear emilie


I know what you're thinking: "Really? Another picture on your blog of me in this hat?" But, jeepers, you're cute, Emilie. And we just wanted to say that you did so awesome today. You are such a teeny-weeny person but you have much more strength than people in big, big bodies. We know you will get well in no time and be ready to run and keep up with these Kantor boys.

Oh, and your mommy and daddy... they are brave and strong, too. What a day they have had, waiting for you and the doctors to get this over with already. But they did it and they are heros.

We can't wait to see you Emilie. With or without your hat.

the Kantors

(for Emilie's story, go here)

Monday, March 19, 2012

thanks, st. joseph

Today on the Feast of St. Joseph, our little Joseph started his Building on Books class at the Early Years Centre. It's a 2-hour drop-off program with crafts, songs, and activities all based on the book of the week. He was in the same program in January but was so. very. nervous to begin again today. We held hands in the car (he sits behind me... this was tricky), sang songs, and said a prayer to calm him down. He hugged tightly to my legs when we got there and wouldn't step foot inside the classroom until he was lured in (still attached to my legs) by trucks and books. I was finally able to scoot out of the room and left him for those two, long hours.

When Henry and I returned to pick Joe up, he was Smiley with a capital S, eager to tell me about his afternoon and what they read and what they made. And on the drive home, after a lull in his litany of what he had done, Joe said,

"I just asked Jesus to hold my hand, and then I wasn't so nervous."


Saturday, March 17, 2012

we partied all day long

And ate a lot of cupcakes.

Today we celebrated
1. Chiara Valenti on her first birthday; and
2. Emilie Dufour on her Baptism day.

The boys came home tired and happy and sticky with icing.

Friday, March 16, 2012

goodbye winter coats

It's early. But we'll take it. Hello Spring.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


While we were in Shaunavon, I had my birthday. And far from home, but still in my home, I was spoiled with friends and family and cake and hugs from my boys. The day began with presents. The day included cake made from a mix (my favourite). And the day ended with going to my brother's hockey game. So, in many ways, it was like my 6th-16th birthdays all over again. Except now I have a husband and kids. Which I didn't when I was six. Thank goodness.



My favourite pictures of my siblings doing a freaky-friday, switching-personalities kind of thing. They're both coaches - Michelle, of the senior high school girls basketball team, and Jason, of the senior mens hockey team. Somehow... it's changing them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

when becca babysits

the new guy

Look who we met and snuggled when we were in Shaunavon - Baby Jett. That's Mr. Jett Francis Maxwell, born on February 8 to Jason and Paige. He's tiny, he smells good, and we love him.

celebrating papa gerald

This was a belated party, but a party worth having. Dad's birthday was in January but we finally were all in one place at one time this past weekend to celebrate his 70 years - and celebrate we did with food and family and cake. We love you, Papa. Thank you for everything you do for us.

(that last picture... what happens when you feed your 17-month-old too much cake... weeeee)


Family pictures keep getting bigger and bigger. And fewer people keep looking at the camera.


thank you, Saskatchewan, for your wide range of weather conditions

We're back. And we were only in Shaunavon for 11 days but got to experience this:

and this:

and more of this:

and then this:

It was fun. But packing was tricky.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

we are here

watching hockey
going to basketball
hanging with Papa
going to the library with Grammie
eating lots
cuddling baby Jett
dancing with the girls
being spoiled
puddle jumping
(the weather is all over the place)
having an awesome time

For now, just one picture. Becca playing basketball. The feet on the left side are killing me.