Sunday, January 30, 2011

our kids

We had a nice visit with Jeff, Maja, and Ava on Saturday night. Here is a picture of all our kids sitting nicely on the couch. That's Henry in the middle.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

what we do

We don't just pose for photos. Nope. Everyday we are learning and growing and surprising ourselves (you should see Joe's "surprised" face... it's awesome). So to give you an idea of what we're up to...

  • Joe likes to talk. About anything. At anytime. He picks up on words and practices using them in sentences. Like frustrated. While waiting for our delayed plane to take us back home after Christmas, Joseph sprawled himself out on a chair and said, "I'm getting so frustrated." (Sounds more like "fwustwated.")
  • Joe likes to read. He's an Oliver Jeffers fan but also enjoys books from mom and dad's past, including the Mr. Men series, Curious George, and Richard Scary books.
  • Joe likes to talk like he is reading. One day, post-napping but before I opened his bedroom door, I could hear him talking to himself and narrating his actions. "I had a good nap. I have good nap, said Joe." (He actually said the "said Joe" part. So funny.)
  • Joe likes to love things. Whatever I'm doing, whatever I'm making for supper, whatever I have in my hands, Joe loves. "I wuv carrots, Mommy." "I wuv that paper, Mommy." "I wuv grapes. I wuv them."
  • Joe likes swimming. We're taking lessons, mommy and Joe. His favourite part is jumping off the edge into the water. And chasing after rubber ducks.
  • Joe likes Thomas. Ever so much. He's getting good at singing the theme song. And I'm getting good at predicting how episodes are going to turn out.
  • Joe likes Henry. Very aggressive hugs and kisses. But better than that is how he likes to make Henry laugh. Joe opens his mouth so wide and laughs the most fake laugh you can imagine until he has no breath left. This amuses Henry. And repeat.
  • Joe likes to wear a bucket on his head. Sometimes I go into his room after his nap to find him standing at the door with a bucket on his head. "I have a bucket on my head," he tells me. I see that.
  • Joe likes to help make supper. He's very good at ripping up the lettuce for salad and tasting things and putting them back in the serving bowls. He also helps me make my toast in the mornings. And bake cookies and muffins and anything that could possibly be a treat.
  • Joe likes sleeping... kind of. We've had a rough couple of months of him waking up SCREAMING with no explanation and no plans of stopping. And napping was a definite no. But recently, something changed. I don't know what. I don't ask questions. I just appreciate that he is finally getting better sleep and we are all in better moods.
  • Joe likes his daddy. Very exciting time, that minute that daddy gets home from work. I'm quite positive that it's because Daddy is home and not that it means we get to eat supper now.
  • Joe likes playdoh. He finds it to be quite tasty.
  • Joe likes to say grace. He's in charge of mealtime prayers. He makes the Sign of the Cross by tapping his forehead repeatedly and then launches into "Thank you Jesus for this day, this food, and all our blessings," said at rocket speed. Followed by more head tapping.
  • Joe likes that you like him enough to get to the end of reading this list. Now onto...

  • Henry can laugh. Mostly at Joe. But he is a good giggler and is especially appreciative of a diaper change. Brings much joy and laughter to our household, that clean bum.
  • Henry can hold his head up. He must, after all, keep an eye out for approaching an brother.
  • Henry can itch his forehead. Poor little fella has eczema and, what I thought was him being terribly cute and rubbing his sleepy eyes was actually him trying to get that annoying itch on his forehead. Anyway, we're trying out a hazelwood necklace, which is supposed to calm the itch and ease teething pain. We shall see.
  • Henry can snore. He's doing that right now.
  • Henry can roll from his back onto his left side. Does this mean he is left-handed? Here's hoping.
  • Henry can eat in seconds. He is a very fast eater. Noisy, too. We try to avoid eating in public because of the attention it draws.
  • Henry can put many fingers in his mouth at once.
  • Henry can sit up in his exersaucer. Joe is in charge of music and Henry is in charge of bobbing his head back and forth.
  • Henry can talk. He, too, is a chatterbox. He has a lot to say between 9 and 10 p.m. Lots of coos and oohs and multi-syllable ramblings.
  • Henry can give his toys what-for. His ramblings seem to get louder and take an angry tone when talking to his cow.
  • Henry can be cute, just by sitting there.

  • David is busy with work. Both at the office and the work we make for him at home. But he has a good attitude and is very diligent. Atta boy, David.
  • David is extremely helpful and patient.
  • David is playing basketball on Mondays and dreams of once again riding his bike to work once the weather gets nicer than -20.
  • David is enjoying the new pants he got for Christmas... thank you, Levis and Dockers, for making a 38-inch inseam.
  • David is growing a beard.
  • David is currently hanging sports pictures in the basement. I framed some of his volleyball pictures for Christmas last year and now they are going up. My mom is finishing up an awesome quilt for him made up of some of his many v-ball t-shirts, so that will also decorate the area. DavidLand, we will call it.
  • David is happy to be using the new levels his Dad gave him for Christmas.
  • David is handsome.

  • Gillian enjoys her days at home with her boys. We've been sans car for the past week and it has been cold so we've got a good in-house routine of trains, playdoh, books, chores, lunch, napping, supper-making, more reading, and Thomas-when-we-need-him.
  • Gillian enjoys thinking about having a car so we can make some trips out to the library or Busy Bodies or just get us to the grocery store for an outing.
  • Gillian enjoys listening to Joseph tell stories.
  • Gillian enjoys listening to Henry try to compete with Joseph telling stories. He is getting to be such a noisy boy.
  • Gillian enjoys singing the national anthem to her boys. Joe requests it and it makes Henry laugh. Also topping the request list are Amazing Grace and You Are My Sunshine.
  • Gillian enjoys basketball on Wednesday nights.
  • Gillian enjoys swimming with Joe on Thursday nights.
  • Gillian enjoys finishing up the book show she is producing for Salt + Light Television. Just a few more episodes left.
  • Gillian enjoys sewing when there are a few moments left in the day. David got her a sewing machine for her birthday last year and she loves, loves, loves it. Even mending. She even loves it when she has to do mending.
  • Gillian enjoys a good game of Boggle now and then.
  • Gillian enjoys seeing David come through the door, the routine of bedtime, and the sigh of relief when everyone is asleep.
  • Gillian enjoys this cottage cheese bum, seen below.

Well, if you stuck with this post for this long, it means you like us. So thank you for that. We like you, too.

busy day ahead


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tante cheese

This is Lisel and she is lovely. Thanks for coming out to visit... thanks for the stories and the playdoh... thanks for not suing us for injuries sustained. Please come again. And bring Phil.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

we just want to say...


henry's blanket

... is finally all sewn up. He loves it. So he tells me.

16 weeks

Thursday, January 13, 2011


These are our friends, Hannah and James, and - right now - they are being married in Wellington, New Zealand. And to that we say, "Hurray!" We wish we could be there with them, but we send lots of love across the oceans and pray for them the Best. Day. Ever.

And please, please, please - we're cheering for you to honeymoon in North America. We'll be here, waiting.

Have an awesome day. We love you.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

now that's better

Here's a more respectable Canadian snowfall. Saturday morning. Lovely. We went for a long walk - Henry in carrier and Joe in sled - and everyone was snow-covered and rosy-cheeked by the time we got back.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Gillian - 103 temperature
Joseph - 102 temperature
Henry - the saddest little cough
David - Superman

We're all feeling a little better today. Thank you, David.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

14 weeks

happy new year

Here's to 2011! And here's to all this snow! Which we used up, making this snowman. It's like David vacuumed the lawn.