Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas wrap-up

Here is a post with 10 gazillion photos to demonstrate what a super time we had in Saskatchewan this Christmas. We begin.

flying high
Henry's first flight and Joe's first time in his own seat. Both loved it.

the great outdoors
We enjoyed the heaps of snow and the park across the street from Grammie and Papa's house.

jumping on the bed
In case of missing children in the house, check here first. Jumping was a popular pastime.

Christmas morn
Henry's first Christmas... up early with the boys... Lily and Joe enjoyed watching Papa shave... Mass at 11... brunch... then a crazy schmozzle of presents, dance party, and turkey.

celebrating Papa
It's Papa's birthday soon, so we had cake.

grandkid photo

extreme danger toboganning
Behind Uncle Jason's Rhino. I'm sure it's safe.

Until next time. This was awesome.