Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slow and Always

That´s the German way of saying, ¨slow and steady¨... and that´s what we´re doing today. We´re back on the road! We walked all 21 km from Astorga to Rabanal today and are settled into our albergue, preparing for 27 more km tomorrow.

Why the miracle progress, you ask. Yesterday we made a visit to a physiotherapist in Astorga. He basically wrenched the tendonitis right out of my achilles, no mercy. Well, it´s not gone. But he gave us some good advice, taping techniques, and stretching ideas. And, most importantly, he gave us the go-ahead to walk.

And David... the antibiotics seem to be working well, the swelling has gone down, and he has no pain walking so far.

Yippee!! (Slow and always, of course.)

We´re very grateful for our new feet, still pondering the slow down, asking if it was good for us, that sort of thing. One thing we are very happy about is that this has put us on pace with Andras, a pilgrim from Hungary. We have limited communication (mostly pictionary and charades) but he is joy to be around. And - he´s a priest and will celebrate Mass with us this evening (in Hungarian... with charades). David can´t wait to hear "Uraaaaammmirrr..."

Tomorrow, we will reach the highest elevation on the Camino. We´ll be able to see Canada from the top!!

The view from our resting place in Astorga. The sun is nice and warm... we are so lucky. Many people have told us there is usually snow here at this time of year.

Thumbs up! We´re back on the road! And it´s cold in the morning! (As opposed to our resting schedule, which had us taking naps after breakfast, our walking schedule has us on the road around 8 a.m... it´s quiet and peaceful and pretty.)

Leaving Astorga... the Cathedral is in the background... the sun is in the foreground (or really, really in the background, depending on your point of view).

We´ve gone from the prairies to the forests. And tomorrow... mountains. We are topographically privileged.

Laundry day at the refugio. Actually, almost every day is laundry day, because we only have two sets of clothes. And no one likes a stinky pilgrim.


Explore/Kate/Tour Leader Services Manager said...

Hey guys

I see from your blog that you are South Africans. Or the flag on your blog says so! Fantastic! i am also a Saffa also doing the route and are a few days behind you with my girlfriend. We are staying in Tempardillos tonight before heading to El Burgo Ranero tomorrow and then Leon!

I am sorry to hear about your feet. We have also suffered a little but nothing like you guys! Plenty of blisters....but par for the course!

We have set up a travel blog. Check it out if you are interested - www.offexploring.com/sandingsadventures

Buen Camino! Have a good one and I hope that the weather holds until you get over the mountains and into Santiago!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you're back and rolling! All of Leftropolis has been cheering and praying for you... mind you I'm the only person in Leftropolis, but my cheers and prayers have been very sincere!

God bless,