Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We have jobs!!

Okay, so we are finally feeling one step closer to our Big Adventure 2008. Hurray!! We heard back from the WYD office in Sydney with confirmation that our jobs will begin at the beginning of March. We're still lacking some details regarding non-important things like where we will live but figure those things will work themselves out along the way.

While we have confirmation that we do, in fact, have jobs, we are waiting for more information on what those are. At this point, we know that David will be working with the Operations team, most likely with the cleaning waste and environment division. And I will have an administration/assistant role with the COO's team. At this moment there is no exact job description but, I'm told, "the tasks are many... I can tell you she will be part of an extremely busy team."

So, to recap, David will be cleaning toilets and I will be very busy. We're very excited to go.

Really, truly, we are. We get to live in Australlia for 6 months of our lives and are grateful to have any job at all. I would even trade with David - he could be part of the extremely busy team and I will clean toilets.

And with the information for when we are needed in Australia (it feels so nice to be needed) we can plan for our pre-WYD trip. At this point, this is what we're thinking...
  1. Christmas - enjoy the holidays with the Kantor family and play with Andrea and Binu's newborn (newborns can play, can't they?)

  2. beginning of January - travel to Saskatchewan to visit with the Girodats and friends

  3. mid-January - leave for Europe and toodle around Germany, France, and Belgium

  4. February - head to Spain to walk the Camino

  5. March - fly to Australia

As always, the invitation is open to one and all - join us at anytime on our trip!! We will be missing our friends and family and will be glad for any visits, emails, or cards and cookies sent in the mail.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Sears catalogue

This is Luis and me... on a walk at Glen Eden. We were quite amused by something far off in the distance.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Very Long Walk

Hurray! Here's to our friends Lisel and Val, who took part in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer Walk in Toronto this weekend. That's 60 kilometres in two days under hot sun and rainy skies to raise money for breast cancer research. Amazing. I joined Lisel's team for a (short) piece of the walk on Saturday... here are the lovely ladies.