Sunday, March 18, 2018

getaway from the everyday

Our March break trip to Ottawa in 19 pictures and a bunch of words. Basically, these people are fun to travel and explore with. They eat a lot of pizza and drink a lot of chocolate milk. They are not ashamed to toot in public or pick their noses. Sometimes they forget their manners. They won't stop talking at bedtime. And the littlest one will kick your head repeatedly while you try to sleep. But, still, somehow, they're fun. And we had a nice trip.

One night at a waterslide hotel! We loved it. Not pictured: two nights at some friends' house, which we equally loved.

Visit to the War Memorial.


Parliament buildings. Also, Ottawa is cold.

A great way to blow off some steam while on vacation is to throw snowballs at your children's faces.

A winter walk in the woods of Gatineau Park.

Icicles for lunch.

Janie slipped and fell at the pool earlier in the day. She cut her lip with her tooth, so her icicle lunch was very soothing. 

Museum of Nature. With real, live* dinosaurs. (*In fact, not real or live.)

Moose head. Not pictured: the rest of the moose. Also not pictured: Jane freaking out. "I hared! hared!" What are you scared about, Janie? "Eat! Eat!" What is the moose going to eat? "Nanie!"

Joe loves whales + there was a lot of whale stuff to see = happy camper


Jane does science.

Annie loves bugs.

These white blocks are giant slabs of ice. There is something funny about a bunch of Canadian kids who were complaining about how cold is was outside now running around and touching and laughing about giant slabs of ice. Like they've never seen ice before.


Milkshakes on the drive home.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

coordination across the nation

We're on the same catalogue page.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


The best way to keep your youth is to hang around youthful people.


It's my day! It's my birthday! I'm 40? Yes! That's what I am!

French toast, frogs, and friends over for supper... that's what birthdays are made of. Thank you to my family and awesome people for celebrating me and all my 40 years.

spot the difference

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

happy birthday to this guy

The party was so great it was in two parts... one on Sunday with a Red Lobster feast, and the next on his birthday where we tried to create a fried fish feast (involved a lot of oil and burning and later Janie throwing up so maybe not so great... but still... party!). The important thing to remember is, we really love you, Daddy, and are grateful for all the ways you love us. We celebrate you every day (but just these two days with cake). Happy Birthday!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

daily life

92% of the time... someone is doing this to Janie. She's just very huggable. Not always receptive but definitely worth the try.