Wednesday, July 5, 2017


We're playing tourist today with David's friends from Switzerland. They want to see Niagara Falls so we want to see it, too... really, really close up. So fun to see the kids excitement, and so nice to share this with Andrea, Roland, and Deborah.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

pool party

Thanks to our friends who lent us their pool while they are on holiday! We've been enjoying almost-daily swims, and the kids are turning into fish. No one is impressed by my synchronized swimming, but they are fans of David's cannonball... to each their own.

farm kids

We like to trick our kids into doing chores... Hey! Let's go pick strawberries! Strawberries are fun and delicious and it's like playing hide-and-seek. Let's do it!

And so we did.

But you know, as I write this, I'm realizing the farm also tricked us grown-ups into doing work for them... and paying them for us to do their work. So who looks like fools now.

Anyway, whatever. The strawberries are delicious.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

happy 150th birthday to you

We like opportunities to eat cake and shoot off fireworks, so Happy Birthday to you, Canada! Thanks for being a really nice place to live. We honoured you by wearing your shirts and hanging out with cousins all day, first with the Dhas' at Bronte Harbour, and then with the Bodners in our backyard. We had a pretty awesome fireworks display, thanks in part to our backyard neighbour who wasn't phased about proximity to houses or trees when he shot off his explosives in the skies above. We are glad no parts of you, Canada, started on fire because we would hate to be responsible for that on your big day. So, once again, thanks from the Kantors for being so hospitable, big, beautiful, and kind. We would choose you any day.

Friday, June 30, 2017

school's out

Summer, here we come.