Saturday, August 30, 2014


That's what all of our visits home to Shaunavon feel like... we spin around in a tizzy trying to pack in visits and events and people and then it's all over too fast. This one had some slower moments, when David was off to the high school to run his annual volleyball camp and I was at home with mom and the kids. But still, now that we're back here, I'm wondering what happened to not just those long-awaited visits to Saskatchewan but our entire summer. Time is moving too fast and people are growing too quickly and slow down already.

day tripping

We visited Cypress Hills on our last day in Saskatchewan... a bit of a super-speedy, condensed version of our Cypress Hills visits. Limited time, but still managed to play on the beach, tour around the lake, have lunch, and go mini-golfing. And naps on the way home.


Puddles get deep on the farm. There's really no point in wearing rubber boots.


Ireland asked if she was dreaming about unicorns.

Yes. And jellybeans.

easy as pie

(Pie's not really easy... unless you are Grammie... in which case you just snap your finger and the pastry is made... and it's perfect and tasty... even though she says it isn't.)

farm kids

Hanging out with Papa and doing important work on the farm...

meeting clara

Clara met a lot of people while we were in Saskatchewan. She slept through many of the meetings, so she will need to be reintroduced at another time.

In addition to all of these lovelies, she also met the Molyneux family, the Klaassens, Miss Cindy, Aunties Rosella, Karen, and Janet, Uncle Jason and Auntie Paige, and Uncle Al. And probably more than that... I may need to be reintroduced, too.

AND while we were in Shaunavon, Mom received an invitation to Aunt Nellie's 100th birthday party. So the girls and I tagged along and it was really lovely to see Aunt Nellie again and meet lots of her friends (and, it seems, a friend of Aunt Nellie's was a friend of my Grandma's so it was so nice to talk about her and think of her). Here we are, celebrating 100 years of Aunt Nellie.